Dig-it aims to give Key Stage (KS) 1 and 2 children direct experience of excavating artefacts in a realistic archaeological environment which supports KS 1 and 2 curriculum requirements.

They provide a hands-on experience beginning with the children excavating artefacts, many original and dating back to Roman and Saxon times, in a structured archaeological environment, finds are then recorded and identified and put into the right historical context.

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To meet the requirement to learn through three British history studies, they have drawn on the National curriculum guidelines and focused their activities on Roman settlement and way of life, Anglo-Saxon incursion, and settlement and conversion to Christianity.

Through excavation and interpretation, they aim to meet the objectives required within KS 1 & 2, allowing children to place events and objects in chronological order, to use common words and phrases relating to the passage of time, and to identify differences in ways of life at different times in history, all using key artefacts from the period.

They are CRB checked and fully insured.


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“Successful dig at Maynards Green community primary school!
‘ The children very much enjoyed the dig, it was informative and fun, a great hands on way of bringing history to life.”Verity Pool, Headteacher