Wild Swimming & Triathlon Training:


What could be better than a swim in great outdoors?  A swim past Bodiam Castle perhaps?

Here at The Hub we are priveledged to have access to one of England’s safest and most scenic rivers.  In order to make the most of this natural facility, and to ensure we don’t take our location for granted, we have teamed up with local open water swimming experts Hazel Fulker of triathlon club Forever Tri (who are based locally in Camber) and Dean Baker of 1066 Swimmers.

Hazel and Dean will be running open water swimming courses for all abilities, private coaching and Childrens Triathlons from the Hub throughout the summer and for as long as the water stays warm enough!

For further information, please follow the links below to the Forever Tri Facebook and British Triathlon pages or alternatively call Hazel directly on the number provided.