We’ve worked tirelessly to bring together local businesses so that The Hub has something for everyone. From gentle country walks to foraging for your supper to the more adrenaline filled activities, we’re set up for all types.

Everyone involved has been hand selected due to their love and passion of what they do. We want you to go home with a smile on your face and we’re sure that our group of lovely instructors will help this happen.

Want to become part of The Hub?

Spa & Wellness

Here at The Hub we have worked tirelessly to find the most suited practitioners to work in the tranquil and stunning location we find ourselves in. We offer (almost) everything, from yoga, Pilates and Nordic walking to massage, spa treatments and counselling.


Kids Activities

On Tuesdays we have Jitterbugz and Thursdays Ballet and that’s just the basic week. More often than not we have something almost every day, from ceramics and cupcake decorating to sewing & stitching classes.

Jolly Scrumptious Cupcakes

Adult Classes

It’s not just about developing children’s skills, we also have lots of adult classes and activities here on a very regular basis. From the wonderful Fran Russell Workshops which focus on developing painting skills to Karena doTERRA which involves essential oils and improving health.


Outdoor Activities

We’re lucky enough to have the Rother River running through the farm here at The Hub. This enables us to have watersport activities running through the summer months; paddle boarding and canoeing are just a couple of the activities provided. When the waters just a little bit too cold, we also have a range of land-based activities.